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News guides 04 April 2023, 11:58

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Beat Rhino Beetle in Smalland

Rhino Beetle is a very difficult opponent in Smalland. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat it.

Smalland is an early access game that has won the hearts of players with, among other things, a large, detailed world, satisfying gameplay, the ability to build a base, and a challenging difficulty level. An example is Rhino Beetle, one of the bossess. It is located on the beach, at the bottom of the world map, and we will be informed of its existence by Skadi. This opponent has a lot of health points, is immune to stab damage and deals a lot of damage itself. In this guide you will learn how to defeat it.

Rhino Beetle in Smalland - single player

How to Beat Rhino Beetle in Smalland - picture #1
Rhino Beetle in Smalland

Before entering the battle, it's a good idea to stock up on healing items. It's also a good idea to build a simple shelter nearby, so we can regenerate close by in case we lose the fight and return to Rhino Beetle before it has time to regenerate health.

During the battle, it is best to attack it by circling around, making it easier to avoid its strikes. You should also pay special attention to the moment, when Rhino Beetle hovers in the air for a moment.. Then it is best to dodge and immediately launch several attacks. The second attack worth avoiding is the charge, before which the rival always shakes its head.

Rhino Beetle in Smalland - multiplayer.

When playing with a friend, you can use exactly the same strategy as in single player, but a good alternative is also to shooting the boss from a bow, during the game one of the players draws the boss's attention. Due to its resistance to stabbing damage, the bow is not the most effective weapon, but in this way you can defeat the enemy in relative safety.

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