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News guides 29 May 2023, 18:50

author: Ewa Ichniowska

How to Build Ancestral Forge in V Rising

The Secrets of Gloomrot update for V Rising added many gameplay features, including the Ancestral Forge. Find out how to craft it to gain access to powerful weapons.

Source: Stunlock Studios AB

The Ancestral Forge is a new gameplay feature in V Rising, added in the Secrets of Gloomrot update. The structure is build inside your castle, and it’s used to restore shattered weapons of ancient vampires. Those powerful additions to your arsenal can have bonus attributes and cause secondary elemental effects on attack.

Blueprint for Ancestral Forge in V Rising

Crafting the Ancestral Forge requires some rare materials and beating several enemies, including the level 57 V Blood Boss Raziel the Shepherd. Holy Resistace Potions may be useful in defeating him. To find Raziel, you can use the Bloody Altar.

How to Build Ancestral Forge in V Rising - picture #1
The location of Raziel the Shepherd.

Beating Raziel the Shepherd and drinking his V Blood unlocks the blueprint for the Forge.

Materials for the Ancestral Forge in V Rising

Next, you need to collect the necessary materials to carft Ancestral Forge, which are: 1 x Primal Blood Essence, 8 x Radium Alloy, and Iron Ingot, which are all craftable after obtaining the recipes. Here are the bosses the player needs to beat to unlock them all:

  1. Vampire Hunter – Primal Blood Essence recipe
  2. Ziva The Engineeer – Radium Alloy recipe
  3. Quincey the Bandit King – Iron Ingot recipe

How to craft the Ancestral Forge in V Rising

How to Build Ancestral Forge in V Rising - picture #2

Once you have unlocked the blueprint and gathered all the necessary resources, you can craft the Ancestral Forge like any other structure in the game. Just press B to access the menu, go to crafting and place the Forge within your castle walls.

Now you can use the Ancestral Forge to repair Shattered Weapons. Dropping them is random, so if you don’t obtain one right away just keep trying.

V Rising Gloomrot Guide

We have created a detailed guide that explains the important mechanics of the latest update. You can find all the information in the V Rising Gloomrot Guide, which covers new resources, bosses, and more.

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