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News guides 04 April 2023, 12:56

author: Ewa Ichniowska

How to Get Dizzite and Elven Steel Ore in Sun Haven

The methods to gather rare Ore in Sun Haven aren't always obvious. Learn how to find Dizzite and Elven Steel Ore in Sun Haven with this guide.

Source: Pixel Sprout Studios

Sun Haven combines a farming simulator with a fantasy RPG where you can level up skills, complete quests and fight bosses. It also features items and drops to collect. In this guide, you will learn how to obtain Dizzite and Elven Steel Ore in Sun Haven.

How to get Dizzite in Sun Haven

Dizzite is a crystal that can be exhibited in the Museum in Sun Haven. It can be obtained from the boss Dizzy. However, there’s a chance it will not drop first time you fight this opponent. In that case, you will have to beat it again.

How to find Dizzy in Sun Haven

Dizzy appears on the last level the Sun Haven Mines, Floor 50. To proceed all the way down, you will need different Keys to open up new floors.

Total keys needed to unlock floor 50:

  1. 10 Copper Keys
  2. 9 Iron Keys
  3. 10 Adamant Keys
  4. 9 Mithril Keys
  5. 9 Sunite Keys

The keys can be crafted at the Anvil using metal Bars smelted in the Furnace. Keys are one-use, and you will gradually unlock the necesarry resources so you will need to make a few trips.

Dizzy will appear once you descend to floor 50.

How to Get Dizzite and Elven Steel Ore in Sun Haven - picture #1

How to Defeat Dizzy

Dizzy has two main attacks that can deal devastating damage. First is a rolling attack, while the second is a wave of gems spreading outward from the boss.

How to Get Dizzite and Elven Steel Ore in Sun Haven - picture #2

The trick to beating Dizzy is dodging. Both rolling and the wave attack are slow enough to evade with some practice. Floor 50 is spacious enough for the player to move around freely.

What’s more, once Dizzy rolls three times, it will become stunlocked. It will give you an opportunity to attack.

You can use a ranged weapon like a Crossbow or magic to deal damage to Dizzy during his rolling attacks. Then, either keep using your strongest skills or switch to a Sword when Dizzy enters stunned state.

How to get Elven Steel Ore in Sun Haven

Elven Steel Ore can be tricky to obtain, as the players cannot find it naturally in the mines. Instead, you have to mine mana geodes in the Nel’Vai Mines to obtain Mana Shards.

To enter the Mines, you will need to offer an Adamant Key, a Mithril Key or a Sunite Key to Wilt, who is guarding the entrance. Depending on the key, the size of the Mines will change.

How to Get Dizzite and Elven Steel Ore in Sun Haven - picture #3

Once you get enough Mana Shards, you need to find a blonde Elf NPC Silas who has a shop in the East of Nel’Vari. Trade with him to obtain Elven Steel Ore. The exchange rate is 75 Shards for 1 Ore.

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