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News guides 04 April 2023, 13:13

Slime King in Sun Haven; Bug Explained

In this guide we will tell you everything about Slime King bug and how to defeat this opponent. Read our article to learn more about this boss.

Not long ago we were pleasantly surprised with a release of a new farming sim – Sun Haven. It is a pixel art title heavily inspired by critically acclaimed Stardew Valley. The game fuses farming with RPG-like skill progression. If you want some combat, you can also do that here. The title even features boss fights. One of the stronger enemies which you will encounter is Slime King. However, this fight got particularly interesting with the latest game patch as there is a bug connected with it.

Slime King bug

Slime King, who is the boss in question here, can glitch out after a finished fight. When its health bar drops to zero, instead of letting a player progress to the next area, its slime minions die, and Slime King’s AI gets frozen. It is possible to interact with the defeated boss, but all we can see is a message: “I got nothing to say!” and possibility to close the dialog window. This bug prevents some players from accessing Trial Dungeon that the boss guards.

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no fix or workaround for that bug. If Slime King glitches out, going back to him will trigger the whole fight again. The only thing that can be done is to report the bug to the devs so they can fix that behaviour.

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Slime King fight tips

Slime King in Sun Haven; Bug Explained - picture #1

Slime King is a rather straightforward, immobile boss, guarding the path to Trial Dungeon. He has only one attack which is spewing slimeballs in the direction of a player and an ability to spawn Slime Soldier enemies.

Slimeballs are being fired in the general direction of the player so it’s wise to be on one side of the arena and avoid them by moving in an arc to the other side of the area. After the attack is finished, the boss is left open for hits for about 7 seconds, which should be plenty to safely deal damage to the Slime King.

After lowering the boss’ health bar a bit, it will spawn a number of Slime Soldiers which you should focus first, before going back to attacking Slime King. There are several health thresholds throughout the fight in which the boss will spawn larger number of Slime Soldiers at a given time. Be careful while dealing with the minions as the Slime King’s slimeball spewing attack will still happen.

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