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News guides 05 June 2024, 06:11

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Tame Ostrich in Soulmask

In Soulmask you can catch many different mounts. From this guide you will learn how to tame Ostrich.

Source: Soulmask, developer: CampFire Studio

Soulmask is a new survival game where you lead the tribe to greatness. The action takes place in a large open world, so the developers have prepared a number of mounts to facilitate your exploration. I have previously described to you two of them – the alpacas and jaguars. From this guide you will learn how to tame Ostriches.

Prerequisites to Tame Ostrich in Soulmask

An Ostrich is notable for its pretty good speed and agility. So, it can be a useful companion. However, you must keep in mind that taming it requires some prerequisites. You will need to reach Glow of Iron Age to craft iron gear. You should also have Awareness Strength above level 35.

If you complete these requirements, it remains for you to create a suitable saddle. You need the following resources for this:

  1. 20 x premium leather,
  2. 15 x fine cotton,
  3. 10 x cotton ropes,
  4. 5 x iron ingots.

You should also remember that you will go to a desert area with a very harsh climate. If you travel there at night, you will have to put up campfires to keep your character from freezing. In addition, it’s a good idea to drink cocoa, which increases resistance to the cold. You may also install Chill Proof Mod. During a day, you should think about clothes with Heat Proof Mod installed.

How to Tame Ostrich in Soulmask?

After meeting the conditions described above, it remains for you to get the egg. You can find it north from the starting biome, in desert area (you can scan the surroundings to find Ostriches). Locate Plateau Portal in the middle of the area and go northwest.

Once you find the animals, the best option is to kill them. This way you will be able to pick up the egg without too much trouble. It is easier said than done though, as Ostriches are ferocious opponents and hit very hard. It is a good idea to deal with them from far away or prepare a really good protective gear.

However, this is not the end. After all, the egg is very fragile, so you have to return to the camp in such a way as to not meet the enemies.

Once you manage to transport the egg, you will need to warm it up. To do this, place it next to a working heater. After it hatches, you will have to feed a little ostrich. Under these conditions, it can grow.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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