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News hardware & software 07 March 2019, 14:51

author: Aquma

Huawei Sues US Government

Huawei sues the US Government. The company accuses the USA of launching false accusations, e-mail theft and blocking the company's ability to compete in the 5G technology market.

Huawei Sues US Government - picture #1
Huawei is suing the USA.


  1. Huawei sued the United States government;
  2. The company accuses the USA of making false accusations of espionage, stealing e-mails and blocking the company's ability to compete on the 5G market.

At the beginning of last year, we reported of serious accusations against the Chinese technological giant Huawei. The U.S. special services accused the company of using smartphones to spy on users in order to obtain information that may be used by the in Beijing. Active spies were even to receive special bonuses. In January 2019, the list of accusations was extended.

Huawei consistently rejects the allegations. It seems, however, that the case will not end with announcements and verbal or written expressions of protest. The company has decided to... sue the US government. The relevant documents have been filed with a federal court in Texas.

"Now that's not to say that we are perfect. It's not to say that we always produce perfect code. It's not to say that we always execute every process first time correctly. No organization in the world can say that. But what we can say is this: We will continue to make multi-billion dollar investments into our R&D and our security," said John Suffolk, Huawei's director responsible for cyber security and privacy issues at the press conference.

Interestingly, the lawsuit does not concern only false accusations of espionage - the company decided to repay the USA in full and accused the special services of this country of hacking Huawei servers in order to extract e-mails, as well as blocking the company's ability to compete on the 5G technology market.

"Huawei has not, and will never implant any backdoors...and will not allow anyone else to do so," said Guo Ping, who rotates as the chairman of the company's supervisory board.

This is undoubtedly an interesting turn of events in the ongoing case of espionage by the Chinese company. I wonder which of the parties will be trusted by an American court.

  1. Huawei - official website
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