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News hardware & software 29 May 2019, 11:00

author: Sin

Intel Ice Lake CPU Laptops in Next Few Months

New architecture and improved performance are the features of the 10th generation Intel Core Ice Lake processors. Will the great promises of the company be fulfilled? We'll find out soon enough.

Intel Ice Lake CPU Laptops in Next Few Months - picture #1

After four years of development, Intel finally introduced a new generation of CPUs, called Ice Lake, at Computex 2019. They are to replace the trusty Sky Lake processors and introduce the latest standard of 10 nm manufacturing process. Initially, the 10th generation CPU will be available only in laptops. First in line for release are Intel Core Ice Lake-U i3, i5 and i7 series models running in relatively low TDP (9 W, 15 W and 28 W respectively). The most expensive i7 variant will allow us to use 4 physical cores and 8 logical cores with a maximum clock of 4.1 GHz. As Intel announced, devices equipped with these processors are already moving to stores.

Intel Ice Lake CPU Laptops in Next Few Months - picture #2
Ice Lake in theory...

The next generation announces interesting improvements in the use of RAM and integrated GPU. Finally, we'll be able to run the full DDR4-3200 dice cycle without using profiles in the BIOS. And as for the integrated graphics card, Intel has raised the clock to 1.1GHz. On the chart we can see that it will result in an almost double increase in performance in some games.

Intel Ice Lake CPU Laptops in Next Few Months - picture #3
...and in practice.

What will be the most important changes in relation to the previous generation of Sky Lake mobile processors? First of all, we will see a performance increase of 18% for IPC (improved inter-process communication), which, according to Intel, will result in a 40% increase in the CPU's raw performance. It is not yet known what increase of fps will be observed in games.

Extended battery life is also important information for people working or gaming on laptops. Intel boasts that they've improved the battery life up to 16 hours. With the appropriate settings for screen brightness and laptop load, we will be able to use the device even all day long on a single charge.

At the moment, Intel focuses not only on the presentation of the capabilities of mobile devices but also devotes time to the preparation of the desktop version. The manufacturer has already provided details of the CPU in 10 nm lithography, including the scheduled release date.

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