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News guides 23 June 2023, 15:29

author: Agnes Adamus

Is F1 23 Better Than F1 22? Answered

F1 23 lived to see a number of changes compared to F1 22. But are they big enough to make it worthwhile to buy the title? We provide the answer.

Recently released F1 23 is the latest installment of the racing game series from Codemasters. The game has seen several changes compared to F1 22. But are they significant enough to make it worth paying full price? That's what you'll find out in this guide.

Braking Point story campaign

In F1 23 Codemasters returned to the idea of implementing a story campaign into the game. As a result, we got a continuation of Braking Point known from F1 2021. Therefore, in the latest installment of the series you can meet the characters who appeared in that story. This time the whole focus is on the Konnersport team, which is taking its first steps in Formula One.

If you like games in which a story is told, then by far the better option will be F1 23. In the previous installment of this series you will not find such a mode, and F1 2021 is no longer available for purchase.

Visual improvements

Of course, there were also visual improvements. The tracks you drive on have received minor modifications and are more refined than in F1 22. This is because details such as cones on the edges of the road, for example, have been added. In addition, the lighting has also been modified.

Improved controls

On the occasion of the release of F1 22 there were voices of dissatisfaction related to the controls on gamepad. At the time, there were complaints about its low precision and overly strong traction control, due to which the car had huge problems with smooth cornering.

In F1 23 the controls have received a number of significant improvements. Thanks to them, it is definitely easier to drive the vehicles.


In summary, the biggest difference between F1 22 i F1 23 is the presence of the story mode. Other than that, the latest installment of the series mainly offers improved mechanics. So in general F1 23 is a better version of its predecessor, but do not expect drastic changes in gameplay.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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F1 23

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