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author: Adam Adamczyk

Ixion Chapters - List and Event Choices Guide

Ixion is divided into chapters. In this guide we have described them. You will also learn about event choices.

Ixion is a popular economic strategy game and city builder, the action of which takes place in space. In the game we expand our base, research new technologies and can perform various tasks. Thanks to this guide you will learn how many chapters this title is divided into. What's more, we bring you all the events in the game.

{ramkaniebieska}The selections presented below reflect the premiere version of the game. Please remember that some information may become outdated with patches.{ramkaniebieska}

Ixion: Events

Ixion Chapters - List and Event Choices Guide - picture #1

There are various events hidden in the game world. Some are related to the main storyline. They can be discovered by sending probes. You will recognise locations of interest when the second column from the right increases on the probe scanner - the one with the technological research symbol. What's more, if the last two columns (the one with the research and the one with the yellow rhombus) rise, this is a sign that the event in question will also relate to the main quest. Remember to send the probe when the indicators are green.

It is advisable to visit as many events as possible available in the various chapters, as this is the only sure way to increase your crew numbers and earn various other valuable rewards.

Ixion: Event choices Prologue

Moon - Abandoned Base

Exploit the security vulnerability and then expand the base. Remember, however, that if you expand the base first, you won't be able to use the security features.

Mars - Healthy Competition

Fix the defect in exchange for resources or in exchange for data.

Saturn - Dark Side of Saturn

Send a team to investigate the problem, but don't try to locate debris in the orbit. If you locate them, they will block Saturn.

Out of Hope - Out of Sight

Create a temporary easement and contact the Outer Hope station. You can then send resources to the station or reject cooperation.

Ixion: Event choices Chapter 1

Earth - What Remains of Us

In this stage you can make any decision you want, as none will block anything. Choose at your own discretion.

Urshanabi - Ghosts of Urshanabi

Gather the remaining resources.

Debris Field - Immensity

As before, here too you can make any decision without worrying that something will then be blocked.

Asteroid Belt - They Call it a Mine

At this stage you can dismantle part of the outpost or enter the control center by force. If you choose the latter option, you will lose several crew members.

Uranus - Tane Mahuta

If you choose carry out ecological analysis, you will be able to get some food. After cutting down the tree, you will only receive part of the reward and block Uranus.

Mars - Richter's Facility

At this stage you can explore the storage area, explore the study center, search the entire facility, or prepare the facility for resource extraction. If you search the entire facility, you will lose some of your crew.

Saturn - Black Market Society

It is worth going deeper into the station, as leaving it will end up blocking it. Break through the ice – don’t melt it.

Neptune - Thiaki

Neptune is worth visiting after Saturn, as this will open the sealed door. Choosing collecting what's usable from the remains of Thiaki Station will allow you to open the sealed box. If you choose provoking structural collapse, you will block the object. You can also use explosives to open the sealed box, but you will lose some of your crew. Use biometric oulixes from Saturn to open the sealed room.

Venus - Morbihan

At this stage you can restart the assembly line or dismantle it.

Outer Hope - The End of Outer Hope

Here you can search the battlefield or the station itself. By choosing the second option you will be able to get new technology.

Jupiter - Hepaestus

Just follow the directions and do not leave the location.

Ixion: Event choices Chapter 2

Falcon 74 - Business as Usual

Each choice will lock the location, so choose at your own discretion.

DO-G-0202 - The Lost Sheep

Just follow the directions and do not leave the location.

Fargo 39 - In The Balance

In this stage, you have many choices and almost every one of them involves a reward. However, don't choose the option to send a small group of specialists to the signal location, because not only will you not receive a reward, but you will also lose some of your crew then.

Valiant 71 - Ashes to Ashes

Avoid choosing attempt to recover all the cryopods. You will lose part of your crew and your ship. The other choices involve locking the location and receiving a reward.

Plymout 37 - What Lies Beneath

At this stage you have three choices, and each of them involves receiving a reward, so choose at your own discretion.

Perenti 85 - Wind Dispersal

In order to proceed further, you need Deep Dive Aparatus. Then you can make one of three decisions and receive a reward, or leave the location.

Mack R - Ice and Fire

If you choose Thaw the ice by venting the Maxwell's Fuel Cells you will be able to receive a new technology. If you choose Abandon the Maxwell and declare its crew lost you will lose some of the crew, the ship and receive a -25% trust penalty. However, if you choose the rescue option you will gain additional crew and bonus trust points.

You can dig through the ice using a device known as a borescope thus gaining some resources. Another option is setting up excavation equipment, after selecting which you will be able to gain new technology.

Tatra V8 - Adrift

Under no circumstances should you ram your ship. This will result in loss of crew, ship and a penalty to trust. The best choice is to interrogate the P.A. so you can get the ship.

Rockatansky D79 - Twin-Tailed Comet

Do not use explosives to clear the path. This will lead to the loss of some crew, destruction of the ship, the facility and a 10% penalty to confidence. The best choice is to set up the infrastructure to explore the geological analysis. In this way, new technology can be acquired.

Chevy 34 - Metallic Bracings

Setting up infrastructure to support exploration and geological analysis will allow you to get the most resources.

Protagoras - Meeting Protagoras

Just follow the directions.

Deville 59 - Pioneers

In this case, the best choice will be to create an advanced colony.

Protagoras - Man is the Measure of all things

At this stage you will have to build a retractable telescopic field and then follow the directions.

Deville 59 - Pioneers (stage 2)

By taking the colony home you will receive 10% confidence.

Protagoras - Thoughts of the Protagoras

If you choose to save a copy of the Protagoras P.A. you will receive some resources.

Ixion: Event choices Chapter 3

Ruins - Command Center

At this stage, follow the directions

Ruins - Trapped in Time and Steel

If you care about resources, choose Explore the industial zone. However, if you choose Open the Time Capsule, you will receive new technology.

P-38 - Corroded Hopes

The best choice at this stage is Perform topographical analysis.

Ruins - Reactors

The choice to gain the most resources is Investigate the engine supervision area.

P-42 - Yellow Smoke

The best choice is to create an advanced colony.

Ruins - We are what we eat

The worst choice is Make cautious approach towards the self-contained area. Then you will lose some of your crew and block the location. A far better choice would be to give shelter to a dog.

Depressurized R&D District

At this stage, it is best to choose the Open Orne-8 security room. Then you will be able to get new technology.

P-51 - The Meier Site

Do not choose perform intrusive analysis. Then you will lose part of the crew, the ship and receive a 5% penalty to trust. It is much better to choose set up advanced analisys infrastructure, getting some resources for it.

P-41 - Resonance

Do not choose override security protocols for the deuterium team. You will then lose part of the crew and the ship. Instead, choose Investigate the formation.

Medical District Wreckage

If you choose Retrieve ZY6073, you will lose part of the crew that way.

Ruins - Swarmed

The best choice is Push Deeper into the structure to reach the source of unusual readings.

Ruins - Lethal Weapon

Choose Investigate the intact Docking Port, then defuse the missle.

P-43 - Mesohyl

Don't choose Use Explosives to quickly clear a path, as you will lose some of your crew that way.

P-37 - Desolation

Don't choose Analyse Impact Area and the following Authorize invasive recovery and analysis of the object, as you will lose some crew and the ship that way. It is better to choose Analyse impact Area and then Excavate Object Manually, thus gaining resources.

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