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News video games 16 December 2022, 17:53

author: Damian Gacek

Ixion - Crop Farm Layout and Guide

You will learn all about Crop Farms and their layout from this article. Create a great sector with us.

Ixion is a city builder that is similar to Startopia in its gameplay format, while its dark atmosphere is reminiscent of Frostpunk. Both of these games were clearly the inspiration for Ixion, so if you're a fan of either of them, it's worth considering giving this game a chance. In this article, we talk about the Crop farm. We'll tell you what a sector should look like and what you need to look out for.

Ixion: Crop Farm – general information

To create a Crop Farm beforehand you need to develop 2 technologies - Fusion Station and Crop Farm.

The first will be used to build the Fusion Station. This factory converts ice into water. Water is needed for farming. It cannot be moved between sectors, so it is necessary for such a factory to be located precisely in the sector with farms. Of course, at the same time you will need constant access to ice. You can transport it from other sectors, or you can make a Docking Bay and dock Cargo Ships collecting ice there.

The Crop farm is a small 3x6 building. However, once it is built you will be able to construct Crop Fields - these produce food (4x4 size). Each Crop Farm can support 9 fields. These cost an extra 16 Alloy, 3 energy and 4 workers (each). In total a fully developed Crop farm with all fields requires 40 workers and 34 energy. So quite a lot, however it is still more cost effective than Insect Farms.

Ixion: Crop Farm layout

Ixion - Crop Farm Layout and Guide - picture #1

Screen Gamepressure, Ixion

Above is an example layout with 4 maximally developed crop fields. You will notice that 2 Fusion Stations are built in the sector to ensure a constant supply of water. In addition, we have built 2 cell housing in the sector (this technology must be unlocked) to house surplus people from other sectors. However, remember that if too many people live in Cell Housing, your stability will drop. If this happens, it is worth counteracting it.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

Graduate of English Philology and English in Public Communication. He started his professional career as an English teacher. A member of Gamepressure since 2019. During this time, he has been writing for various departments. Currently, he mainly covers guides and occasionally supports the newsroom. He has been interested in electronic entertainment since childhood. When he was younger, he wrote a scientific article on video game translations. An enthusiast of RPGs and strategies, he also frequently dives into the depths of indie games. In his spare time, he is working on a book and learning film editing.




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