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News video games 11 January 2023, 10:10

author: Damian Gacek

Ixion Guide - Best Tips and Tricks

In this Beginner's Guide to Ixion, we have presented many useful tips. If you want to start the game successfully, please feel free to read on.

Ixion is a title about building your own space station to allow the rest of humanity to survive and, in the process, find a new home for the entire human race. However, this can be problematic, especially if you are inexperienced in the realm of city builder games. With our Ixion Guide - tips and tricks, you should be able to start easily. Should you wish to find out more about various topics, we have included links to articles that will deepen your knowledge on the subject.

Ixion Guide - Tips and Tricks: Building

  1. Respect space – you have one station for the whole game, over time you will unlock new sectors, but the more there are, the more problems you also have. It's a good idea to use the unlocked space to its full potential. You can find more information on this topic here: Ixion - Layout Guide: Examples and Tips and Ixion - Crop Farm Layout and Guide.
  2. Don't be afraid of renovations – the game allows you to get a full refund of raw materials for a dismantled building. Take advantage of this and tailor the space to your needs as best you can.
  3. Roads – all buildings must be linked by them, otherwise they won't work. So be careful how you place structures. Even Gateways to new sectors must have roads connected to them in order to open them.
  4. You need a lot of stockpiles – each resource requires a separate stockpile in a sector. If you don't have one or there is no space in it, the raw material will stop being created / you won't be able to import it.
  5. Train Station – it is worth taking an interest in this building as early as possible. No additional space is required to build it (which is a huge advantage), and it brings useful bonuses. You can read more about it here: Ixion - Train Station Guide; Icons Explained and More.

Ixion Guide - Tips and Tricks: Population Management

  1. Watch out for working conditions – if you give your workers too many responsibilities, they will be overloaded. You will then face a wave of accidents, and you don't want that. You can read more about that here: Ixion - Accidents, Infirmary and Overworked: Population Management.
  2. Take care of population – there are several types of citizens: workers, non-workers and colonists. Their number in the game is limited and there are a lot of responsibilities, so try not to lose them (take care of their needs, mood and the conditions in which they work). You can read more about it here: Ixion - Non Workers, Workers and Colonists: Population Explained.

Ixion Guide - Tips and Tricks: Resources

  1. Ensure the transfer of resources – your station is composed of sectors, and they do not automatically share resources with each other. You have to issue the appropriate commands in resource management. You can read more about this here: Ixion - Transfer Resources Between Sectors and More.
  2. Be careful with energy – buildings need energy to work. If you use too much of it, the station shuts down. This is also linked to dissatisfaction among the population. Remember that you can place solar panels outside the station. It is also worth making sure you have batteries that store energy.
  3. Iron is life – Alloy is essential for station development and it is created from Iron. Even if you think you have a lot of it, it will come in handy later.

Ixion Guide - Tips and Tricks: Other

  1. Don't be in a hurry to move on to the later chapters – the beginning of the game will be quite gracious for you, compared to the rest. It's worth lingering on it for a bit and gathering a supply of raw materials, especially Iron. However, staying in one place also brings negative effects in population satisfaction over time, so beware of this.
  2. Don't rush to open new sectors – new sectors mean new living space, but also new responsibilities. Maintaining them requires additional people and resources. So it is worth considering whether you can afford them.
  3. Be careful with technology – at the beginning you will be showered with science points by the game. Later on, however, they will not be as generously available. So spend them carefully. In the beginning, focus on the most important technologies and those that the game requires of you. Don't spend them left and right - always have a little extra.
  4. Steam Deck compatibility if you want to buy Ixion in order to play on this portable console, we advise against the purchase. You can read more about it here: Ixion - Steam Deck Compatibility Explained.
  5. Events – as you explore the world, you will come across interesting events. By managing these in the right way, you will gain new people and resources. You will also learn more about the lore. Some events will be story-driven, others optional, and you can read about all of them here: Ixion Chapters - List and Event Choices Guide.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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