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News video games 14 May 2023, 13:09

author: Adrian Werner

Check Out Long Gameplay From Lamplighters League - Promising Mix of XCOM and Commandos

Extensive gameplay has been released from The Lamplighters League, a tactical RPG from the devsof BattleTech and the Shadowrun series.

Extensive new video footage from The Lamplighters League, a promising tactical RPG from Harebrained Schemes, has been released.

The video lasts more than twenty minutes and focuses on presenting all the basic gameplay elements. So we can see the base of the team we direct, a strategic world map and one mission.

The footage shows the gameplay mechanics of this project well. In the missions exploration will take place in real time, like in Commandos. In the same way we will be sneaking around and silently eliminating enemies. However, when we are detected, the game will switch to a classic turn-based combat system, in the style of XCOM.

It all looks promising in the video, and the game also benefits from the attractive, slightly cartoonish visual style and the alternate reality version of the 1930s, rarely seen in strategy games. Harebrained Schemes has a string of successful turn-based games to its credit, including the BattleTech and Shadowrun series, and The Lamplighters League promises to be another success for this developer.

Recall that the game is headed for PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The PC release will be sold on Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store. The release is scheduled for this year, but for now the developers are not ready to give a more precise date. The publisher will be Paradox Interactive, which bought out Harebrained Schemes in 2018.

  1. The Lamplighters League - official website

Adrian Werner

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