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News guides 07 March 2024, 06:23

author: Olga Fiszer

Last Epoch - How Glyph of Insight Works (Calculator)

Still not sure how Glyph of Insight works in Last Epoch? Here’s everything you need to know before using them to add experimental affixes to your Belts, Boots, or Gloves.

Source: Last Epoch; developer: Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch offers various methods to enhance your equipment, including adding affixes, upgrading them, or even rerolling. Through the use of Runes of Research, you can prepare items for further crafting by sealing existing affixes on them and clearing crafting slots for potentially better ones. This guide will help you understand how to effectively use Glyphs of Insight to add experimental affixes to improve your gear.

How to Get Glyph of Insight in Last Epoch

The Glyph of Insight is a consumable item in Last Epoch used for crafting and modifying your equipment, by changing a prefix on an item into an experimental affix. The type and tier of the experimental affix are deterministic and depend on the item’s properties. This glyph works only on gloves, boots, and belts, and it can’t be used on items with an existing experimental affix.

Glyphs of Insight cannot be obtained directly through gameplay; instead, they are acquired as a byproduct of using Runes of Research.

How Does Glyph of Insight Work in Last Epoch

Using a Glyph of Insight feels like a gamble, as the experimental affix’s outcome may sometimes be undesirable. Here are some key points that you need to know before experimenting on your equipment:

  1. Gloves – experimental affix type is determined by Total Affix Tiers of the item. There are four possible experimental affixes: dodge and endurance, ward per missing health, armor applies to damage over time, and ward on kill.
  2. Boots – experimental affix type is determined by Forging Potential of the item. You can get frenzy, ward on traversal, minion teleport, or increased effect of haste.
  3. Belts – experimental affix type is determined by Level Requirement of the item. Possible affixes are: mana on potion use, ward on potion use, traversal cooldown recovery on potion use, Volatile Zombie on potion use.

To check the potential result before wasting all your Glyphs of Insight, we recommend to use this Calculator made by fans of Last Epoch.

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