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News guides 07 March 2024, 01:33

Last Epoch - Soulfire Bastion Bug, Locked Door Issue Explained

If you can't get through a door in Soulfire Bastion dungeon in Last Epoch, you are not the only one. Here you will learn more about this locked path bug.

Source: Last Epoch, Developer: Eleventh Hour Games

Not every game goes through Early Access program, but those that do, are expected to have bugs along the way. However, at the end of that road, we assume that most of the major glitches and errors will be ironed out. In case of warmly received Last Epoch, which seems to be serious rival to Diablo series, this doesn’t always hold true, unfortunately. It would be an exaggeration to say that it is ridden by bugs, but there are certainly some that can make adventures in Eterra less enjoyable. One of such is a glitch that happens in Soulfire Bastion that doesn’t let players go through the door, as they seem to be locked. Continue reading this article to learn more about this problem.

Soulfire Bastion door bug explained

Last Epoch shook the aRPG genre by offering interesting world and game mechanics. The title spent almost 5 years in Early Access to finally reach version 1.0. After such a long time, we expect the final product to be polished, yet there are still quite significant bugs that tend to pop up alongside the new patches.

Some time ago, we have tackled an issue with Keeper Guard, and recently many fans report problems with locked door in Soulfire Bastion that supposedly happened alongside the latest patch 1.0.2. The bug itself does not allow players to get past the door after defeating the dungeon boss named Fire Lich Cremorus. The path that is blocked should lead to an NPC called Grin The Soul Gambler, yet it is impossible to follow as of now.

Currently, there is no way to work around this problem. Even redoing the dungeon doesn’t make any difference. However, it is already known to the developers from Eleventh Hour Games, who should quickly solve this glitch. There is a thread on official game’s forum that you can follow in order to get the most recent updates.

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