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Last Epoch - Warlock Build with Profane Veil and Bone Curse

Would you like to try your luck in Last Epoch playing as a Warlock? In our guide, we explain what it takes to create a Profane Veil and Bone Curse Build.

Source: Last Epoch, developer: Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch is a hack'n'slash game in which the main task for players is to defeat a large number of opponents. For this, however, you will need a well-composed build, starting with the selection of skills, ending with specific pieces of equipment. In our guide you will find information on how to create Warlock build with Profane Veil and Bone Curse.

Last Epoch – Warlock Profane Veil and Bone Curse Build Explained

Warlock build with Profane Veil and Bone Curse specializes in dealing DoT (Damage Over Time). What's more, the build enhances this type of damage with crits, which are not a common occurrence for this class. Some of the most important skills are Bone Curse, Profane Veil and Chthonic Fissure.


  1. Bone Curse – the main skill that imposes a curse on enemies for 8 seconds, dealing physical damage.
  2. Profane Veil – deals necrotic damage around your own character. In addition, when the ability is active, the player character avoids all strikes except over time damage.
  3. Chthonic Fissure – an ability that opens a fissure that deals fire damage over time. In addition, it releases phantoms that hunt enemies and impose a curse on them.
  4. Chaos Bolts – release projectiles towards enemies, which, upon colliding with the ground, explode, dealing necrotic damage.
  5. Spirit Plague – curses the enemy, dealing damage over time. When the opponent dies, the plague moves to another target.

Key passive skill enhancements

  1. Bone Curse Iron Maiden is a very important passive skill that boosts damage of Bone Curse to a maximum of 50%. Brittle Bones is also worth investing in, as it's another damage boost tool, plus it instantly kills enemies below a certain health level. In addition, Misery is an important passive ability, as thanks to it, physical damage dealt by Bone Curse is converted to necrotic damage!
  2. Profane Veil Vampiric Pool enhances this skill by consuming your own minions and getting a Ward thanks to it. In addition, Stream of Profanity will reduce Profane Veil’s remaining cooldown if you directly cast a curse on an enemy.
  3. Chthonic Fissure It is worth investing in Chaotic Rupture, as Spirits have a chance of turning into Chaos Bolts. In general, it will be a good idea to upgrade passive abilities that strengthen Spirits.
  4. Chaos BoltsExult in Misery is a good passive that boosts damage to damned, ignited, bleeding or frostbitten targets. Cursed Blood will help you with refreshing the duration of your curses on enemies.
  5. Spirit Plague Putrid Recovery is a nice passive, because your character will gain Ward when hitting an opponent afflicted by this skill. Invest also in Exsanguination, which boosts bleed damage thanks to additional Bleed Penetration, but because of that your character will be inflicted by this status too.

Core Items

The main items you should look for to significantly enhance this build are:

  1. Maehlin's Hubris gloves. They boost fire damage, and on top of that there is a 100% chance of converting Bleed to Ignite.
  2. Immolator's Oblation is really important item in this build. It causes a considerable chance to set your own character on fire. However, it gives the player a significant boost: Spell Damage increases for each use of Fire or Necrotic skills.
  3. The last main item worth equipping is the Boneclamor Barbute. In addition to good stats, the player gains a significant chance to get Ward for free. What's more, intelligence is the default attribute of this helmet, which will further increase the damage potential.

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