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News video games 02 July 2021, 12:15

author: Paul Musiolik

Legacy of the Sith is the New Expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic

At the end of the year, SWTOR will receive a new expansion - Legacy of the Sith. In addition to new story content, we can expect improvements in character progression and combat mechanics.

  1. BioWare announced a new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic;
  2. The plot will focus on Darth Malgus. There will be new planets, improved combat system and character progression;
  3. The release is scheduled for the end of 2021.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will receive another story expansion. Legacy of the Sith will be one of the elements of the celebration of the game's 10th anniversary (it launched on December 20, 2011). BioWare revealed its content during a special live broadcast.

Legacy of the Sith will focus on the character of Darth Malgus, who after the events in the Meridian complex acts on his own, carrying out a mysterious plan. The plot of the expansion will take us, among others, to the planet Manaan and Elom, where we'll find the ruins of a Sith stronghold full of secrets.

Developers promise to raise the level cap to 80. The flow of character progression will also be improved, allowing for more freedom. Advanced classes will no longer be rigidly assigned to a progression path, which will enable us to mix existing character builds. This will be followed by a streamlined combat system.

SWTOR will also receive new Operations and Flashpoint missions in locations introduced by the expansion. We can also expect more quests that will fill the time of old fans. New players can expect a streamlined progression system, which will lead them through the story in a more natural way.

Improvements to the graphics and technology behind the game have also been mentioned, although for these elements we will have to wait. According to preliminary plans, they will appear in 2022. The release of the Legacy of the Sith expansion is targeting the winter holiday season this year. It will be, like the previous ones, fully free for every player.

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic - official website

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