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News video games 07 May 2021, 21:53

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Lost Judgment is the New Game From Yakuza Devs

Sega and Ryu ga Gotoku, the studio known for the Yakuza series, have announced Lost Judgment, the follow-up to Judgment, originally released in 2019. The title will be released on September 24, exclusively on Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Information that made rounds on the web since the morning, including Jeff Grubb's reports - that today would see the new game from Ryu ga Gotoku studio, the creators of Yakuza series, materialized as the official message from Sega. The game it announced, Lost Judgment, will be the sequel to 2019's PlayStation 4 game Judgment and will come out on September 24 exclusively (at least for now) for PS4, PS5, XONE and XSX|S consoles. Below you can see the game's trailer.

The developers decided to return to Takayuki Yagami as the protagonist, known from the previous game - which was released on PS5, XSX|S and Google Stadia exactly two weeks ago. Currently a private detective and formerly a talented lawyer, he will once again have to solve a mysterious murder. According to Takuya Kimura, the voice actor who plays the game's protagonist, the game will not, however, be devoid of slightly less grim elements and humor. Suffice it to say that during the story we'll have to go undercover a local high school, where - according to the game's producer Kazuki Hosokawa - in a series of missions "full of laughter, tears, struggles and a bit of tension", called School Stories, we will box, dance and skateboard.

New production by the devs of Yakuza is to offer a total of two locations to explore: Tokyo's Kamurocho district (inspired by Kabukicho) and the harbor city of Yokohama, modeled on the real one, which is to change significantly by night compared to day. Furthermore, the main character will be improved in comparison to the previous game - in Lost Judgment Yagami will be able to fight using more styles (crane and tiger will be joined by the snake school techniques) and will gain new options of infiltrating the environment (including sneaking), thanks to which he will lead the subsequent stages of the investigation even more effectively.

Lost Judgment is the New Game From Yakuza Devs - picture #1
Kabukicho district in Tokyo. Source: Tokyo Cheapo.

The creators also boast about the great attention to detail. Kazuki Hosokawa, mentioned earlier, paid special attention to the faithful reproduction of the high school in Lost Judgment - the development team had to do some "very accurate modeling" of classrooms, lecture halls, corridors and gyms. So we can assume that the high school in Yokohama will be an important part of the game.

As we mentioned earlier, the new game by Ryu ga Gotoku will be released in the very beginning of autumn only on Sony and Microsoft consoles. PC players will have to wait for their turn - at least for the time being, because Sega regularly brings the subsequent installments of Yakuza PC, so maybe the same will happen with the series about Takayuki Yagami.

Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment

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