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News video games 12 July 2022, 13:33

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Madison Game - Safe and Lock Code Guide

Madison is a horror game that focuses heavily on puzzles. Here you'll learn how to solve the clock puzzle and how to get the codes to the safes.

MADiSON is obviously a horror game, but, at the same time, it is a full-fledged adventure game. It is full of puzzles that can cause a lot of problems to some gamers. One of them involves two safes that can be opened with the right combination.

Below you will find information on how to get both codes. Unfortunately, the passwords are generated randomly by the game. We can explain the whole process to you, but you will have to find the solution on your own.

MADiSON - how to open the green safe?

You will open the green safe by entering the right combination. Fortunately, finding it is not difficult and does not involve any additional puzzles.

  1. While traversing the mansion, you must first go to the the bathroom opposite Grandpa's room. A notebook lies on the shelf in the room. The first part of the combination (e.g. right 5 left) is written in it.
  2. Then go to the room whose walls are covered with clocks. There you will find a desk secured with a padlock. Cut it and open the drawer. Inside will be another notebook with the other half of the combination (e.g. 3 left 12).
  3. Combine the two parts into one. Using the example shown above, the code is: 3 left, 12 right, 5 left (3 times left, 12 times right, 5 times left).
  4. Head to the room with the green safe and enter the combination. This should open it. Inside you will find, among other things, a dial, which will be used to solve the next puzzle.

MADiSON - how to solve the clocks puzzle and open the red safe?

Opening the red safe is, unfortunately, a much more difficult task. This is because you have to solve a complicated puzzle related to the clocks.

  1. Head to a room filled with clocks. All clocks on a given wall will show the same time. The only exceptions are the cuckoo clocks.
  2. They show the wrong time, but have extra space for another dial. Your task is to synchronize them with the rest of the clocks.
  3. First, find the wall with clocks showing the time appearing on the dial that was in the green safe. Once you spot it, place the dial you found in the cuckoo clock showing the wrong time. In return, you will receive a "false" dial.
  4. Second, look at the next wall (in any order) and remember what time all the clocks show (except the cuckoo clock).
  5. Having memorized the time, you must go in search of the correct dial. You will find them in cuckoo clocks that are located in other areas of the house. You will be able to obtain these dials by exchanging them for "fakes". The locations where you will find the clocks are: the corridor outside the office with two safes, the attic, the kitchen and the starting corridor.
  6. You must repeat these steps until all the clocks show the correct time. The room will then become darker for a while, and the clock on the closed door in the room will begin to turn.
  7. To open the entrance, you must take a picture of the door. Enter the room and take the clock located there. Then leave the room and head back to the main part of the house.
  8. Along the way, your hero will get another attack. It will cause a new note to come into your hands. When you open it, it will turn out to be the combination you need to use to open the red safe.
Madison Game - Safe and Lock Code Guide - picture #1
Source: Trophy Tom
  1. Go to Grandpa's office and enter the correct combination (you must read it from the largest to the smallest circle).

This will give you access to the contents of the red safe. Remember that the codes for the safe deposit box are randomly generated. So the above screen will not necessarily match your password.



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