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News guides 17 May 2023, 14:39

author: Adam Adamczyk

Mechabellum Guide - Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Thanks to this guide you will learn many tips to help you play Mechabellum. We have described numerous tips and tricks for beginners.

Mechabellum is an early access game available on Steam, in which we fight spectacular battles using mechs. The game is new and a lot of interesting mechanics can be found in it. In this guide you will find many tips and tricks for beginners in Mechabellum.

Mechabellum tips and tricks

What to avoid

  1. Don't use too many units at the beginning of the game.. A much better approach is to use a smaller number of mechs, which will provide a counter to your rival's machines. We described the counter list for units here.
  2. If you are just starting to play Mechabellum, begin by playing against bots. This way you will learn the basic mechanics more easily than if you repel another player's attacks.
  3. Don't forget to upgrade important units. After a certain period of time they will gain the maximum level of experience, and you will only be able to gain more exp points after upgrading. Here you will find the full list of units in the game.
  4. Don't upgrade basic mechs at all costs. Admittedly, they can be useful, especially in the hands of an experienced player, but it doesn't always pay off, and instead of spending precious resources it's better to focus on upgrading more advanced mechs.
  5. Watch the battle. Mechabellum is an autobattler, so during the clash we have no influence on the movement of units, but by watching the battle you can learn, for example, which mechs are most effective against other machines.

Basics at the beginning of the game

  1. Each player receives the same amount of resources at the beginning of the game, so that everyone has an equal chance.
  2. Currency is worth spending in moderation. What you do not spend in a given round is transferred to the next one.
  3. At some point you will be able to choose reinforcements, or give up support, receiving 50 supply. If the type of support does not suit you, discard it.
  4. You can put a shield on your units. This is an expensive investment, as it costs 100 supply. However, it is worth considering this option in the later stages of the game, because the shield is able to protect the machine from receiving very high damage, for example, caused by the Acid Bomb. An undestroyed shield then moves on to the next round.
  5. Machines are the backbone of the army, but remember that sometimes it is better to invest in new technologies, with which you can make it easier for yourself to defeat your rival.
  6. Remember that you can unlock one unit during each round.
  7. Units cannot be sold. Fortunately, depending on the situation, even basic machines perform well in battle. For example, they can prove effective on the flanks. An opponent without area attacks will have trouble defeating a large number of Crawlers. In addition, they can be upgraded to spill acid after death, which is especially useful against large and slow mechs.
  8. From round 2 onward, you can place units on the opponent's flank. Machines deployed in this way are able to quickly destroy the rival's core structures, giving you a huge advantage in the round.

Mechabellum early access

Mechabellum is currently in early access. This means that the game is being developed all the time, so it is very possible that one of the future updates will change the gameplay so much that some of the tips in the text above will become obsolete. It is also worth mentioning that after early access, the developers plan to move the title to free-to-play model.



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