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News guides 23 November 2023, 01:50

Mic not Working in Lethal Company - Can You Fix It?

Lethal Company offers a voice chat that can be problematic. If you experience issues with your mic, we have gathered some information and useful tips.

Source: Lethal Company, Developer: Zeekerss

It’s hard to believe that the latest co-op indie hit, Lethal Company, was developed by a single person who goes by the nickname of Zeekerss. In this title you team up with up to 3 other people (unless you mod the game) to travel to abandoned moons in space to satisfy steep demands of the Company. As this game strongly focuses on cooperation with other players, it is essential for the crew to communicate effectively and reliably. With that said, there are numerous reports from fans that their mics are not working as they should. If you are affected by this issue, we have gathered information that can be of use to you.

How to fix not working microphone in Lethal Company

Lethal Company debuted on Steam in Early Access fairly recently, though it took the platform by the storm. As it’s a cooperative title with horror elements, quick and reliable communication is very important so simple text chat might just not cut it. Due to that reason, the game features voice chat but it is unfortunately far from perfect.

There are statements from players on Steam’s Community Hub that their microphone is not working correctly or at all, not being detected by the game, stops working after a while, or has delayed voice transmission and echo. With such a variety of problems, it is impossible to find one simple solution for them all.

Below you can find some general tips to check out, when experiencing issues with voice communication:

  1. Check which voice option you are using – whether it’s open mic or Push to Talk (PTT). For Lethal Company it is recommended to use PTT, as it tends to result in less issues. To enable this option, go to game’s settings, then voice communication options, then enable PTT and assign a key / button you would like to use.
  2. Sometimes changing a USB port to which your microphone (or device which you are using, like a headset) is plugged into can solve the issue.
  3. Make sure that your microphone works correctly at all. Do some tests in different applications or test your mic with a different device.
  4. As a last resort you can check if there are any updates for your audio drivers, though honestly it shouldn’t matter that much.

As previously mentioned, Lethal Company is a game created by a single developer and in addition we have to remember that it’s still in Early Access stage. Due to those reasons, we should be patient and let Zeekerss work on it. Such ambitious projects usually have a team of qualified developers for each aspect of the production. The best bet for now would be to enjoy it as much as possible while waiting for official game patches that undoubtedly will come out.

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