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News video games 16 February 2024, 03:36

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Microsoft Wants New Xbox 'Biggest Technological Leap' Between Generations

The next Xbox console is expected to be Microsoft's 'biggest technological leap' between generations. The company also wants the device to attract gamers with 'unique features.'.

Source: Microsoft.

The official podcast on the future of Xbox confirmed that Microsoft will not give up its own consoles. Although we still have to wait for more detailed information, Sarah Bond (head of Xbox) has already revealed that Microsoft is making every effort to ensure that the new Xbox is the "biggest technological leap" between the two generations of the Redmond giant's consoles.

As we mentioned in the previous message, we will have to wait until Christmas for more information. Nevertheless, Phil Spencer spoke about the new device after the podcast. The head of Microsoft Gaming hinted (via The Verge) that the company is thinking about creating equipment that will attract players with "unique features."

Some of them immediately took it as confirmation of the rumors that the new Xbox was to be a portable or hybrid console similar to the Switch. Spencer admitted that he loves "handhelds," but he had "nothing to announce" on this matter.

The American also hinted at the flaws of previous portable gaming devices like Asus ROG and Lenovo GO. It's mainly... their use of Windows. Microsoft's operating system is not yet adapted to smaller screens, although designers are working on solving these problems.

The statements of Xbox representatives are significant in that for some time there has been talk of Microsoft exiting the role of console manufacturer. Some claimed that the Redmond giant would be selling them almost incidentally, and the results of the devices would have been pushed to the background.

Bond and Spencer's words do not directly contradict these reports, but at least they show that the company is still serious about manufacturing its own consoles. It should also be mentioned that, according to the head of Microsoft Gaming, the company has a multi-year "roadmap" for hardware development, which includes subsequent consoles and controllers.

By the way: when Tom Warren from The Verge commented on rumors about an Xbox handheld with the hope that such a device would actually be created, Tom Henderson responded to his entry on the website. The well-known informant did not write anything specific - or even verbal, because his comment was limited to a significant, smiling emoticon (via website X).

Could Henderson possibly know something specific about Microsoft's new console? If so, he didn't reveal it on X nor in his article published on Insider Gaming.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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