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News hardware & software 23 November 2021, 20:30

author: Michael Zegar

Review Your History With Xbox in an Interactive Museum

Have you ever wondered what a summary of your personal gaming history would look like? Microsoft has just launched a metaverse-like Xbox Museum in the browser. Among other things, it enables us to see and share our adventures with the brand and personal achievements.

Microsoft just doesn't stop spoiling the fans on the occasion of Xbox's 20th anniversary. In addition to the early release of Halo Infinite's online module - as well as the announcement of a TV series based on the games - and adding another pool of titles to the backward compatibility catalogue on the consoles, the company has decided to take a closer look at the history of the gaming environment.

Thus, if we have an Internet browser (who hasn't these days?) we can enter an interactive fully-3D Xbox museum (here). Too passé? Maybe I can convince you to take a look by saying that your personal history with the brand and achievements have also found a place there.

Review Your History With Xbox in an Interactive Museum - picture #1
There is no shortage of people willing to learn about the history of Xbox. Source:

At the start we are greeted by a login screen to our Microsoft account. Although admission to the "exhibition" does not require a login, it will create a unique section with our personal achievements. Next, we'll be redirected to select one of six corners, dedicated to the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, the Halo series, and our own personal adventure with the brand.

Once we've chosen your corner, we're free to explore the museum's clearly designed, movie-like Tron 3D environment along with other users. Scattered around it are tiles with individual curiosities and descriptions of the brand's history. We can learn more about some of them by positioning our character on yellow circles connected with particular tiles. The whole experience is accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack.

Review Your History With Xbox in an Interactive Museum - picture #2
Your own Xbox adventure. Source:

In the top right corner, we can customize our avatar, switch between first and third-person camera, and share our private achievement section with our friends. Thanks to the icon in the upper left corner we can easily return to the selected corner.

At the bottom there is a timeline, through which we can learn about a articular topic in chronological order. The museum is also a place for more "funny" exhibits, such as the red ring of death, or information about Microsoft's attempt to buy... Nintendo in 2000.

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