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News Files and Mods 03 May 2022, 10:28

author: Adrian Werner

Modders Take Multiplayer in Titanfall 2 to New Level With Project Northstar

Version 1.7.0 of the excellent mod called Northstar, the project that saved Titanfall 2 from certain death, has been released.

NorthstarAn excellent mod that saved Titanfall 2 has lived to see a new version.

Northstar 1.7.0 - what's new in the most important mod for Titanfall 2

The new version is marked as 1.7.0 and brings several changes:

  1. The Attrition mode has been brought back. The mode which was missing in Northstar. In it two teams compete for which will gather a certain number of points first.
  2. The update also improves the server sorting interface.
  3. There are also numerous bug fixes.

On the occasion of the release of version 1.7.0, the creators also prepared the first trailer of the project, which you can watch below.

What is Northstar and why is it a must for Titanfall 2 fans

Titanfall has unfortunately been abandoned by its devs, the people from Respawn. The lack of development could still be somehow accepted, but in this case the situation is much worse. The developers abandoned the fight against hackers. Their attacks are such a big problem that the first installment of the series was pulled from sale. The second installment can still be bought, but comfortable play is often impossible.

Fortunately, the fan community decided not to wait idly for the death of their favorite game. A group of modders rolled up their sleeves and developed an open-source modification called Northstar. Thanks to it it became possible to create private servers for Titanfall 2 and play on them.

This solution makes life much harder for hackers. To spoil our fun they must first find the IP address of the server. If we play in fully private matches it is very difficult because such skirmishes are not displayed on the so-called master server.

Additionally Northstar also allows for the use of scripts and fan content, which resulted, for example, in new game modes.

  1. Northstar - download page
  2. Northstar - on GitHub

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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