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News video games 11 July 2021, 21:56

author: Adrian Werner

Only 1-2 People at Respawn are Trying to Fix Titanfall

Fans shouldn't count on fixing Titanfall and Titanfall 2 server issues anytime soon. It turns out that only up to two people at Respawn Entertainment are working on this.

Earlier this month, desperate fans of the first installment of Titanfall carried out a hacking attack on Apex Legends, wanting to draw attention to the dire condition of their beloved game. The action, though spectacular, is unlikely to bring quick results, as only up to two persons at Respawn Entertainment are currently working on the Titanfall series.

This disappointing information was revealed during the video transmission by Jason Garza, responsible in the studio for contact with the community. He assured that the team has not abandoned the Titanfall series but does not communicate with the players about its plans in order not to give tips to people who would hinder the fun of users. The PC version of the first installment is currently unplayable due to hacking attacks. Servers most often do not work, and when they do, lobbies are filled with spamming bots.

This declaration is unlikely to reassure the players. The fact that the Titanfall series is currently worked on by the astounding number of up to two people is a big disappointment. The situation is not improved by the fact that the first installment is still being sold by Electronic Arts. This is a title designed for multiplayer, so EA enables the players to buy a game that in practice does not work. The holes in the code causing these problems have been known since the early months of 2019, and yet the title was added to Steam's offer in late 2020.

To make matters worse, now also Titanfall 2 started having serious problems. In the case of the second installment, non-functioning servers affect not only the PC version (as is the case with TF1), but also releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Previously, such situations occurred rarely. Their frequency significantly increased this month.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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