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News video games 08 July 2021, 21:37

Titanfall 2 Gets Hacked and Shares the Fate of Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment made short work of the recent weekend hacking attack on Apex Legends, which was meant to draw the developers' attention to the bad situation of Titanfall. Today, however, there was another attack - this time on Titanfall 2.

The devs at Respawn Entertainment needed just 6 hours to deal with the weekend hacker attack on Apex Legends, which was aimed at drawing their attention to the problems of the PC version of Titanfall. Now, they are dealing with another such situation. There was a second attack, and its victim was Titanfall 2. At the moment the multiplayer mode of the game is virtually unplayable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The players complain mainly about the very large delays, crashing to main menu in the middle of battles, and problems with matchemaking. All this is caused by DDoS attacks., a hacking method that aim at making a given system or network service inoperable by occupying all free resources. They are usually carried out simultaneously from many computers, including the so-called "zombies", that is machines connected to the Internet, in which, without the knowledge of their owner, a program has been installed, which enables external control of other people.

Through such actions, the hackers want to achieve one thing - get Respawn Entertainment to fix Titanfall on PC... which for several years has been unplayable because of hacker attacks. The servers of the first installment most often simply do not work, and if they do, the lobby is quickly filled with spamming bots. Developers could take the path of least resistance and pull Titanfall from the sale, but so far that has not happened - the game can still be purchased in digital stores, including Steam or Origin.

At the moment, Respawn Entertainment has not issued an announcement on the matter. However, we can expect that - as before - the developers will quickly solve the problem. The question is whether history will not repeat itself in a few days, if they do not fix Titanfall. Interestingly, the players suggest that the developers do just the latter and be done with it.

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Hubert Sledziewski

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