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News video games 25 May 2021, 08:30

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Convoy in American Truck Simulator; Devs Test Multiplayer [UPDATED]

SCS Software tests the multiplayer mode in American Truck Simulator, called Convoy. For now, we can play with a larger group only as part of the beta update 1.41.


An information appeared on the official forum of SCS Software, from which it follows, that the multiplayer mode (the so-called Convoy) will be added to both American Truck SimulatorandEuro Truck Simulator 2. Players of both game can take part in testing the 1.41 update discussed in the news below and invite their friends to play. However, the developers warn that the feature is experimental - you should expect various bugs and problems.

Original message:

Truck simulators attract a lot of players eager for lonesome expeditions on American, European or other roads. But what if we wanted to try playing in a group? The answer may be Convoy - SCS Software's latest experiment in American Truck Simulator, which enables us to play in a group of eight. Details are discussed in a thread on the company's official website.

For now, the Convoy mode is being tested and enables us to set up private sessions (with an optional password). Up to eight players can join these to take on orders from the same companies together. Convoy also synchronizes the AI responsible for traffic, as well as the time and weather in the game. In addition, the devs have added three ways of communication between the players: instant replies, text chat, and radio transmissions (i.e. voice chat). Unfortunately, fan-made mods are not provided for now, and joining a session requires owning and installing the same DLC as the game's host.

To check out Convoy, you'll need to install the experimental update 1.41. On Steam, right-click on American Truck Simulator in your game collection and select "Properties". Then go to the "Beta" tab, set the version to "1.41 Update Experimental Beta (Convoy)" and enter the code "XZo2orrgbG92XMQ". Of course, the developers recommend that you back up your profile or create a new one, as the game states saved in the beta are incompatible with the current version of ATS. We do not know yet when the full version of Convoy will be coming to American Truck Simulator (and probably Euro Truck Simulator 2).

  1. American Truck Simulator - official website

Jacob Blazewicz

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