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News video games 16 August 2022, 12:05

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

MultiVersus - New Free Characters for August 2022

Another character rotation has started in MultiVersus. In this message you will find out which characters will be available for free.

MultiVersus is a unique fighting game that enables you to take part in the clashes of a whole bunch of heroes from the Warner Bros. portfolio. Unfortunately, most of them (except Wonder Woman which is unlocked at the beginning) will cost you some virtual or real cash. Fortunately, this problem can be circumvented by taking advantage of the fighters that are made available by the developers for free as part of the rotation.

What is the rotation in MultiVersus all about?

Rotation in MultiVersus is a system as part of which you will be able to test four characters available in the game for free. Their pool changes every two weeks, so the time to play with a given set of fighters is limited.

It is a good opportunity to get acquainted with different characters and possibly decide which one we are going to buy permanently over time. It's also a pretty good option for players who don't have a large pool of characters, and don't want to play all the time with only the Wonder Woman unlocked at the beginning.

MultiVersus - free characters in the new rotation

Yesterday, along with a new patch another rotation of free characters began in MultiVersus. Finn, Garnet, Reindog and Superman, available until now, are back behind the paywall, so if you want to continue using them, you'll have to spend some cash.

In turn, you can now test the following characters for free:

  1. Arya
  2. Batman
  3. LeBron
  4. Steven

Remember that you have a limited time to test them. The characters will be available for free until August 30. The day after that, another rotation will begin, in which you will be able to get acquainted with other characters.

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