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News video games 13 October 2021, 21:54

author: ZieZie

Netflix Could Make a Video Game Based on Squid Game

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, a Netflix representative said that a video game based on Squid Game is being considered.

As everybody knows, Netflix's new series called Squid Game has become incredibly popular. In the show, the participants of the eponymous game fight for survival by participating in various children's games (for example, red light, green light), until the last person remains standing. The reward for survival is a huge sum of money. This concept could work really well in a gaming franchise from the battle royale genre. This has also been noticed by Netflix, which some time ago confirmed that it enters the video game market.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Minyoung Kim, deputy creative director for Asia-Pacific at Netflix, said:

"We’ve been getting an overwhelming but happy volume of requests from the organization — from the consumer product department, from the gaming group, from our other international teams. My team’s role is to really look at all of those opportunities together, to create that roadmap for the Squid Game IP. We are looking at multiple different areas — from games, consumer product, and others — to really figure out what we can bring to our audiences to increase their affinity toward our content and give them more joy while staying true to the world that our creator has built."

Before the green light is actually given to create an official video game, it's easy for the fans to see if such a concept has any right to work at all. You only have to look at Roblox to see that fans of the series have developed a ton of games that very closely replicate the competition that the characters in the series have faced. But don't get too excited about playing a licensed Squid Game title because currently, the development of such a title is only being considered.

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