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News video games 29 September 2021, 17:21

author: Qskan

Squid Game in Roblox - Ton of Games Trying to Ride on the Show

Korean TV show Squid Game is quite successful on Netflix, but not only there. The production has lived to see its own unofficial games, which are making waves on the Roblox platform.

Netflix's latest TV hit is the Korean show Squid Game. It premiered on September 17 and entered the top 10 TB series on this platform in a flash. The story of Squid Game focuses on players who, because of financial troubles, decided to participate in a deadly game. It turns out that the series is a hit not only on Netflix. It also breaks popularity records on the Roblox platform.

Roblox is a free platform to create our own games. In game we create our avatar and then we can do everything - build our own interactive worlds, invent different games etc. Roblox and its colorful aesthetics appeals mostly to kids, but also adults can find something for themselves.

Increase in the show's popularity lead to a flood of fan-made productions based on games and tasks shown in Squid Game.

Squid Game in Roblox - Ton of Games Trying to Ride on the Show - picture #1
After typing "Squid Game" in Roblox search engine we have a lot to choose from

The most popular productions inspired by the Korean series are played by hundreds of thousands [sic!] of players. As an example, let's take such fan productions as Hexa Game, played by 25 thousand players at the moment of writing these words, or Fish Game (currently almost 40 thousand people on the server).

Below is an example of gameplay from one of the games. Competitions, which are presented there largely resemble children's backyard games (e.g. Red light, green light, also known as Statues):

Such a large share of productions based on the series can be impressive and at the same time make us think - who knows, maybe soon creators of indie games on Steam will soon follow in the wake Roblox developers.



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