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News video games 12 March 2023, 12:12

author: Adrian Werner

New The Last of Us May Launch Not Only on PS5, but Also PS4

Credible reports have emerged online, according to which The Last of Us: Factions, in addition to a PS5 release, may also be looking forward to a PlayStation 4 version.

Until now, everyone assumed that The Last of Us: Factions, Naughty Dog's upcoming online shooter, would be released exclusively on PlayStation 5. However, it turns out that the game will most likely come to PS4 as well.

  1. The source of these reports is a job offer published on the developer's website.
  2. Thanks to this we learned that Naughty Dog is looking for a person to test the multiplayer mode. Among the requirements, familiarity with PS4 and PS5 systems was listed, suggesting that the game is also headed for Sony's last-gen console.
  3. No specific game was mentioned in the offer, but it almost certainly refers to The Last of Us: Factions. No other of the studio's multiplayer projects has yet been officially announced, and even if any are in the pipeline, they will be released late enough that they are unlikely to see release on Sony's older consoles.

Releasing The Last of Us: Factions also on PS4 makes sense, as it will give the game a larger player base, which is crucial for multiplayer titles. It's also worth recalling that the game has been in development since at least 2020, so the existence of a PlayStation 4 version is not a big surprise.

Unfortunately, for now we don't know much about the game. What is known is that despite the lack of a story campaign, it will be the biggest project in the history of Naugty Dog. The code of The Last of Us: Part II contained mentions about the abandoned battle royale mode, so many people expect that The Last of Us: Factions will offer this very gameplay variant, but this is not a foregone conclusion, as the authors' concept may have changed since then.

There are also rumors that the game may use free-to-play model. In addition, there is a good chance that in addition to the console release the game will also live to see a PC version ..

  1. The Last of Us - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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