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Northgard Conquest - Quick Guide and Tips

Conquest is a challenging, but at the same time offering a lot of fun mode in Northgard. Here you'll find tips to help you overcome the challenges it entails.

Conquest is an additional mode in Northgard, which was introduced to the game as part of an update back in 2019. It offers an additional challenge for players who have already had a chance to complete the regular campaign and play a ton of standard skirmishes.

At the same time, this mode can be very challenging. After all, it often pits players against overwhelming enemy forces. So it is worth remembering a few key tips, thanks to which your chances of success will be significantly improved.

Northgard - what is Conquest all about?

The mission screen in Conquest mode. Source: Shiro Games

Conquest is a mode ideal for multiple playthroughs. We can complete it with any of the available clans (there are 14 in total), and at the same time the set of missions involving it is partly randomly generated.

You will have to play 3 fixed missions related to your chosen faction and at least 4 of 8 battles selected randomly from a pool of 27 different clashes. At the same time, all missions are connected by certain rules, which further modify the game.

In addition, during the gameplay you will benefit from your Favors, which are divided into two categories. Three will be modifiers associated with your chosen clan. The rest you will be able to choose on your own before starting individual missions.

It is also worth mentioning that Conquest can be played in co-op together with a friend. However, this means doubling the number of opponents during skirmishes.

Northgard Conquest - tips

When starting your first Conquest in Northgard you must know that it will be a really big challenge. However, your chances of success will be greater if you keep in mind a few important tips. You will find a list of them below.

  1. The right choice of clan is the basis. In Conquest there is no room for experimentation. When starting the game, you must master the control of a particular faction to perfection, because your opponents will not give you time to learn - even on the lowest difficulty level. So choose a clan that you simply enjoy playing with and you know that you are able to take advantage of its strengths, while limiting the impact of weaknesses.
  2. Knowledge is power. As you go through the successive missions in Conquest you will face enemies from different clans, which significantly differ from each other. So it would be worthwhile for you to be at least vaguely familiar with the characteristics of each faction available in the game. Thanks to this you will be able to decipher what strategy your opponent will choose. Thus, in turn, you will be able to adjust your actions to their tactics.
  3. Do not hesitate to go on the offensive. Conquest will repeatedly throw you on maps with a tonof opponents. While facing overwhelming enemy forces you will not have time to slowly expand your village. Instead you must momentarily go on the attack. Try to reduce the number of opponents by at least one as quickly as possible. If you are unable to achieve this, then focus on bleeding them out gradually. Raid poorly defended areas, attack small units and limit your losses.
  4. A good strategy that will help you eliminate at least one enemy quickly is to expand in only one direction. Clear more sectors by creating a corridor to your rival. At the same time, leave the regions in other parts of the map alone. This way you will be able to quickly attack and eliminate one enemy, and the rest of the opponents, will not reach you, because they will be forced to clear the neutral sectors standing in their way.
  5. You do not have enough forces to occupy and defend more regions, but are concerned about the expansion of enemies? A good choice will be to organize regular raids and plunder enemy areas. This will give you extra time, as the enemies will have to reoccupy the selected region. This can not only keep them busy for a while, but also distract them from other objectives.
  6. Think about choosing the right favors. You will be able to choose between a wide variety of bonuses. However, it's worth choosing ones that complement your clan's strengths. Also remember that after completing the second challenge you will be able to unlock more powerful versions of favors.
  7. Always check the modifiers in each mission. Sometimes it can happen that they mean that classic expansion and fighting enemies is simply not profitable. Some missions can be completed without even encountering enemies on your way. So it's worth remembering to take some time to assimilate the information on a given skirmish and take it into account. Playing according to a familiar pattern is not always the most effective one.

By sticking to these tips and applying all the game skills you have acquired so far in Northgard you should be able to handle Conquest without any problems. Nevertheless, it is better for you to start by playing on a low difficulty level. This may strike your pride, but remember that this mode can give you a really hard time.

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