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author: Olga Fiszer

Pacific Drive - How to use Pacemaker to Get Tree Candy

Have you tried to make a Tree Candy in a Pacemaker anomaly? Check our guide to learn how to get this valuable material in Pacific Drive.

Source: Pacific Drive; developer: Ironwood Studios

Pacific Drive throws you into a surreal world, where you face the challenges of survival from behind the wheel. While navigating a treacherous landscape and scavenging for resources, you need to upgrade your car to escape the mysterious Olympic Exclusion Zone. Read on if you want to learn how to get Tree Candy from a Pacemaker.

How to use Pacemaker in Pacific Drive

Pacemaker is a type of anomaly in Pacific Drive. Unlike other anomalies in the game, Pacemakers are completely static and harmless. They are made of various electrical components and are easily recognizable due to their pulsating light.

Pacemakers can be found randomly scattered throughout various biomes like Damp Forest, Blistering Woods, The Scorch, The Mires, and Smokestacks. Once a Pacemaker is scanned, access the Garage map to inspect all Junctions and Anomalies to find it.

Pacemakers have beneficial effects, like charging your car’s battery. Additionally, you can interact with these anomalies by placing items inside them to craft new ones. Note that Pacemakers stop functioning after several attempts.

How to Get Tree Candy in Pacific Drive

Tree Candy is a crafting material in Pacific Drive, essential for unlocking a Junction Bypass and making Carbonfiberglass. If you discovered a Pacemaker, put a Plasma inside it to get a Tree Candy. Remember that this anomaly can only produce a couple of items and will eventually stop working.

Another way to obtain Tree Candy is to head to The Scorch in the mid-zone area. Look for Sap Compressors emitting bright red light near Thermosap Crystals, which indicate the presence of the Tree. Once located, search for Twisted Ember on the trees. Use a Thermal Vacuum or a Hand Vac to collect Tree Candy.

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