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News guides 27 February 2024, 06:31

author: Agnes Adamus

Pacific Drive - Limpulse Emitter Explained

Do you have problems with Bunnies in Pacific Drive? From this guide you will learn what the Limpulse Emitter do.

Source: Pacific Drive, developer: Ironwood Studios

Pacific Drive is a well-received by players mix of survival and roguelite game. During the adventure we will end up on the northwest coast of the USA, in an area called the Olympic Exclusion Zone. This place is filled with anomalies. In order to cope with them, you have to invest in better equipment. From this guide you will learn what Limpulse Emitter is.

Bunnies in Pacific Drive

One of the most frustrating anomalies in Olympic Exclusion Zone is Bunnies. They are small, glowing wires cluster, which attach to the car. Depending on the type of Bunny, they cause different effects. For example, Broken Bunny gradually damages the car and can be the reason of electronics malfunction. In some cases this anomaly causes the car to drive away on its own.

When Bunny attaches to your car and you don’t have an advanced equipment, you must manually take it off. The easiest way to do this is to use Scrapper.

Limpulse Emitter in Pacific Drive

When you encounter Bunnies, you can scan them. It is one of the conditions to unlock Limpulse Emitter. It's a replacement for bumpers that allows you to emit electromagnetic impulses. This will cause bunnies to fall off the car.

You can unlock Limpulse Emitter in the Fabrication Station. It’s the first blueprint in the utilities tab. You must have 1 kLIM of Stable Energy and 2 x Fabric to gain it. Next, you must use Workbench, to craft this item. For this you need the following materials:

  1. 4 x Scrap Metal,
  2. 4 x Copper Wire,
  3. 4 x Electronics,
  4. 2 x Plasma.

When you install Limpulse Emitter, you must assign it to one of the shortcuts on the screen to the left of the steering wheel.

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