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News guides 23 February 2024, 04:41

author: Damian Gacek

Pacific Drive - How to Deal with Open Headset OS Prompt

Open Headset OS prompt can drive you mad in Pacific Drive. In our guide you will learn how to deal with this problem.

Source: Pacific Drive, developer: Ironwood Studios

Pacific Drive is a unique survival game, which offers you a trip to the Zone in a stylish car. The game contains a tutorial, to let you learn basics. At some point of it, you will see the “Open headset OS” prompt. Many players report that it sticks to the screen even after completing the objective. Let’s learn more about the issue.

Pacific Drive – How to Deal with Open Headset OS Prompt

When you see for the first time “Open headset OS” Prompt, you should hit the Tab key (or the equivalent on the controller). This should open menu with many important information (inventory and mission screens included), Sadly, some people report that even after doing so, the objective is still on their screens.

As of now, the only method of dealing with this problem is to progress the mission further. Eventually, the annoying prompt should be replaced by a different objective.

Developers are quite actively solving various issues, as since release they have managed to release two updates to the game. They are also aware of the “Open headset OS” bug, as it was announced by the way of 1.1.1 Patch notes. It means that it should be fixed relatively soon. However, its priority may be low, because it is not a game-breaking bug and there is an easy workaround. We have to be patient.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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