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News guides 08 August 2023, 15:10

author: Agnes Adamus

Penthouse Riddle in Demonologist - Suzie's Story Walkthrough

The new version of the Penthouse map in Demonologist hides a secret related to S Notes. Bedlam contains further elements of Suzie's story. You'll find more information in this guide.

Demonologist is the perfect choice for fans of Phasmophobia. The game enables up to four players, to conduct investigations in buildings haunted by ghosts. The title is currently in early access and receives regular updates. Patch 0.4.1 implemented a refreshed version of the Penthouse map into the game. Of course, along with it came a new secret. In this guide you will learn about -S Notes. Tigether with Bedlam the game received a new update, so now you can learn the whole story of Suzie.

Demonologist - Penthouse puzzle

The whole puzzle is relatively simple and it doesn't take much to solve it.

  1. First, you have to go to the kitchen. There you will find a note marked -S.
  2. Once you have picked it up, then you can head to the main bathroom. There you should speak the word 'Time' (some players suggest that 'Nothing' also works). Alternatively, you can also start a chat (by default with the p key) and write the same word.
  3. A hidden room will open, where you will find a note that tell about Bedlam.

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Suzie's story in Demonologist

The above note begins the story of a certain Suzie. Getting to know her in full will require you to repeatedly and alternately visit two maps - Bedlam and Penthouse. While in the case of the first location you will go to a different place each time, in the second you will repeat the same actions as described above.

  1. While in Bedlam you have to go to the bathroom. There is a hidden room located there. To get to it you have to say the word Mirror at the blank wall. Then return to the Penthouse to get the note.
  2. The next thing to do in Bedlam is to locate the knife. It will help you cut the ropes blocking the way to the Cantina and the office located there. This is where you need to go. This useful item can be found next to the red box lying in the utility room near the back exit of the building. Once you have searched the locked room, you can return to the Penthouse to get a new note.
  3. Then return to the office in Bedlam and say the words Death at the bloody wall there. This will open a hidden room, which contains two notes. Now return to the Penthouse for another piece of the story.
  4. The next places you need to go to are the cells in the basement of Bedlam. Open the third room on the left (you'll need the key from Dr. Thompson's office for this, so visit the place beforehand). There is a hidden room inside. You will get to it by saying the word Cloud. Inside you must solve a puzzle. Its correct solution is Moon, Sun, Moon, Moon, Sun. With this you will get the key and be able to go to the Penthouse for the final time.
  5. At the very end, go to the basement in Bedlam to find out the ending of the whole story. It is up to you whether to leave the book in Bedlam or take it to the Penthouse.

In Demonologist you can discover many different secrets. In order to see them, you have to perform certain actions. If you are curious about how to see them, I recommend reading our other guides:

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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