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News video games 05 August 2020, 16:26

author: Bart Swiatek

PlayStation is a Platform for AAA Titles; Indies Don't Sell

Mike Rose from No More Robots said on Twitter that Nowhere Prophet sold on PS4 twenty times worse than on Nintendo Switch. This independent title is also doing better on Xbox One.

Nowhere Prophet is not doing very well on PS4.


  1. Nowhere Prohpet on PS4 sells much worse than the releases on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One;
  2. The results are so bad that subsequent productions by the publisher of No More Robots may not be released on Sony's console;
  3. The problem is most probably the poor visibility of independent games on PlayStation Store.

Mike Rose from No More Robots, publishers of Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw and Nowhere Prophet, among others, shared the sales results of their latest PlayStation 4 game on Twitter. We're talking about the statistics from the launch weekend. It turns out that on Sony platform the game is twenty times less popular than on Nintendo Switch.

The difference is huge. It's worth noting that the game is also performing better in the ecosystem created by Microsoft. The results on the PS4 are so poor that Mike Rose doubts whether subsequent titles from his company's publishing catalogue will be released on Sony's platform at all (apart from Descenders, whose release is already planned).

What is the reason for such poor sales on PS4, despite its huge user base (the console has already sold over 112 million copies)? According to Adria Carrasco, founder and head of the publishing company Another India, it is a matter of the very poor visibility of indies on PlayStation Store. He also points out that it is very difficult to be included in the sales organised on the platform.

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Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet