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News hardware & software 19 April 2021, 15:06

author: Bart Swiatek

How to Update PS5 Controller and Fix Issues

Recently, PlayStation 5 users have received software updates for the console, as well as its controller – DualSense. If you do not know how to install the update for the controller, we will help you.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released a major software update for the PlayStation 5. Besides the new version of the operating system, the console also received a patch for the DualSense drivers. However, not all players know how to install the new "firmware" on the gamepad.

Dualsense - how to update the controller?

Updating the DualSense software is very simple – you need to follow these steps:

  1. turn on your PlayStation 5 and sign in to your PlayStation account;
  2. if a newer version of the software for your controller is available, you will see a message on the screen;
  3. plug in the device you want to update to the console (with a USB-C cable);
  4. accept the software's terms of use;
  5. the update process will start and after a few moments, the controller will have the latest drivers.

If for some reason you missed the controller's software update and the message does not appear, you can try to perform the installation "manually". You have to:

  1. disconnect the PS5 from the Internet (just uncheck the "Connect to Internet" field in the console's settings;
  2. change the date to the next day (e.g. from 19 to 20 April) - you will do that in the Settings -> System – Date and Time tab;
  3. connect the controller to the console with a USB-C cable;
  4. reboot the PS5;

The message should appear again – you will now be able to update your device. Change the date back and reconnect the PS5 to the Internet.

To avoid problems, do not disconnect the controller from the console before the update is complete. You should also charge the controller's battery to a reasonable level before starting the update (in theory, this should not matter since the controller is connected to the PS5 with a cable during the software update, but it is better to be safe than sorry).

  1. PlayStation 5 - official site
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