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News hardware & software 12 June 2020, 11:29

author: Bart Swiatek

PS5 Size Comparison With Xbox Series X and PS4

An image has appeared online, comparing the size of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Fans have also produced a video that shows what Sony's new console will look like compared to various PS4 models.

The PS5 is a big piece of hardware.

An image comparing the size of the PS5 and Xbox Series X appeared on the web - its creator used the USB port as a reference. It looks like Sony's console will be about 8.5 cm taller than Microsoft's hardware when placed vertically, but also much narrower. Anyway, take a look for yourself.

PS5 and Xbox Series X - size comparison.

A video was also published on YouTube, showing how the PS5 will look compared to different PS4 models - from the classic, through Silm to PS4 Pro.

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