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News hardware & software 27 November 2020, 13:32

author: Adrian Werner

PS5 Update Removes Spontaneous Game Uninstallation and Controller Issues

PlayStation 5 received update 20.02-02.26.00. Thanks to it, the console will no longer remove games from the drive without our knowledge. Also problems with charging the controller will disappear.

  • Fix for an error causing the console to sometimes remove installed games from the drive by itself,
  • No more problems with charging the wireless controller,
  • Better system performance.

Sony released a new update for PlayStation 5's OS. The patch is marked 20.02-02.26.00 and requires us to download 829 MB of data.

The patch introduces significant changes. First of all, a very irritating bug has been fixed that caused the console to spontaneously remove games installed from discs from the drive. The update is also intended to eliminate problems with charging the wireless controller over the USB cable, appearing on some PS5s that have been switched to sleep mode. The patch is also designed to improve the overall performance of console's operating system.

20.02- is the second OS update released by Sony. The first one (numbered 20.02-2.25.00) was released to prepare PS5 for the European launch. That patch also improved the performance of the operating system, as well as fixed a bug that prevented some users from downloading games.

Let's recall that PS5 was released in the US and several selected countries on November 12. In Europe, we had to wait a week longer, i.e. until November 19. Currently there are big problems with getting this device around the world, which is partly the fault of scalpers who bought the PlayStation 5 en masse and then auctioned it off at excessive prices.

Sony promises that further shipments will appear in stores later this year. Availability issues, however, have not prevented PS5 from recording the best debut in PlayStation history.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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