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News hardware & software 18 March 2021, 17:16

author: Karol Laska

PSVR 2 Appearance Revealed, Pictures Available

The appearance of Sony's new controllers designed for the PlayStation VR 2 has been revealed, and their design is very different from the PS Move.

  1. We know what the new PlayStation controllers for VR gaming will look like;
  2. These are ring-shaped grips using technologies known from the DualSense gamepad - adaptive triggers and haptic vibrations;
  3. Other interesting new features include the addition of analog sticks and a finger touch detector.

In late February, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, provided some details about PlayStation VR 2, indicating however that it is a rather distant topic (we're talking about a perspective of not months, but years). He admitted that it will be a wired kit, although with one conductive cable instead of two.

Interestingly, we didn't have to wait too long for more information about PS VR 2, because it's enough to look at the official PlayStation blog to notice a post published by Hideaki Nishino, the vice president of SIE. The article shows the appearance of the next-gen controller designed for VR gaming. It differs significantly from the currently available Sony Move Motion devices. The characteristic sticks will be replaced by special grips. See for yourself:

You can see the adaptive trigger from this perspective. Source: PlayStation

You can tell by the shape that this is next-gen technology. Source: PlayStation

What strikes the eye is the very characteristic shape of the controller designed to adapt to the user's hand. In addition, the tool is equipped with analog knobs, which is also a novelty, as they are not present in the PS Move.

Gamers will probably be pleased with the controller's use of special technologies that will allow for a more powerful VR experience. Some of these are certainly familiar to PlayStation 5 owners, as Sony has taken care to implement adaptive triggers (one per hand) and haptic vibrations available in the DualSense controller. We'll be able to feel the environmental effects of the game on our bodies, as well as the resistance of buttons when firing virtual weapons.

And this is what the controllers look like in hand. Source: PlayStation

Crucially, the new VR controller won't just be a tool for pushing buttons and swinging left and right. Its ring-shaped design and touch interface is supposed to enable it to more accurately mimic the player's movements.

For now, we're talking about a prototype that will go into production and wbe made available to developers "soon", and these developers will be able to employ it for making even more interesting games developed with PS VR 2 in mind. Specific dates and declarations, wil probably be available a little later.

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Karol Laska

Karol Laska

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