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News video games 04 January 2022, 10:17

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Ready or Not has Already 150 Mods

Ready or Not is popular among modders, although the game has just debuted in Early Access. We can find dozens of interesting modifications on the web.

  • Ready or Not can boast a thriving modding scene;
  • Over 150 modifications can already be found on Nexus Mods;
  • They change the behavior of enemies, skins, lighting and available equipment.

Ready or Not debuted on December 17 in Early Access on Steam. While the full-fledged release is a long way ahead, the game's great reception caused a large group of committed fans to gather around the title. This can also be seen by the number of mods for the game, which appeared in the web.

Nexus Mods already hosts over 150 modifications, rich in terms of features and sophistication. For example, the most popular file on the website is a mod that changes the behavior of enemies. Thanks to it they do not react so quickly and do not shoot as accurately as in the base game. It is also easier to force them to surrender. However, there are more of them than usual.

Among the available modifications you can also find many cosmetic improvements. One of the more popular mods is Visual Rework, a lighting preset that makes the in-game lighting more atmospheric. Ready or Not community certainly brings together many fans of SWAT 4, as the replacement of character voices for those known from the older game is very popular.

Noteworthy is also Innacessible Weapons Unlocked. As the name suggests, the mod enables us to use weapons that are not normally available to players. This applies mainly to equipment used by our opponents, such as MPL, P90, AK102 and BRN-180.

It seems that in just two weeks after release in early access Ready or Not has lived to see a thriving modding scene. The number of mods posted online is expected to keep growing. Especially when we take into account the game's unflagging popularity.

Ready or Not

Ready or Not

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