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News video games 18 August 2023, 13:57

author: Adam Adamczyk

Red Dead Redemption Port Collecting Good Reviews From Critics

Red Dead Redemption's port collects good reviews on Metacritic. Reviews of the release on Nintendo Switch prove that those playing on this portable console have reason to be satisfied.

Source: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption has debuted on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Despite the outcry from quite a few gamers over the high price and the fact that the title came only to the aforementioned consoles and not to PC, the game is receiving high ratings from critics (per Metacritic). Considering how solid a game RDR is, this was to be expected.

Red Dead Redemption's port was liked by critics

With the release of RDR on PS4 and Switch, positive reviews from critics began to flow in on Metacritic. They focused primarily on the Nintendo console version of the game. Reading the reviews, it is clear that owners of this device received a fantastic title.

"Despite the lack of new features and online mode, Red Dead Redemption remains a timeless masterpiece that every gamer must try - now more conveniently than ever thanks to the Nintendo Switch version," writes Nintenderos

"Red Dead Redemption for Switch is neither a remake nor a remaster, but merely a port of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Nevertheless, Rockstar's masterpiece works perfectly on Nintendo's console. The graphics look great and the controls do their job," writes PC Games

Red Dead Redemption port boasts an average rating of 88 points.

A lot of warm words to say about the production also came from Ben, who runs the Twitter channel videotechx and specializes in providing information regarding Rockstar Games titles. He writes that RDR on Switch maintains a steady 30 fps, and visually looks better than the Xbox One version. In addition, he cited user InfinityBesk associated with information surrounding the GTA series and wrote that it is the best optimized game on Nintendo Switch.

Red Dead Redemption Port Collecting Good Reviews From Critics - picture #1
Source: twitter | videotechx

Below you can see how the refreshed version of Red Dead Redemption looks like on Switch compared to the PS4 edition and the original PS3 release.

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