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News video games 16 August 2023, 13:25

author: Kamil Kleszyk

RDR for PS4 and Switch Launching Tomorrow - Release Time

We are only hours away from the release of the Red Dead Redemption port on PS4 and Switch. We answer when exactly we will be able to start downloading the game and playing.

Source: Rockstar Games

Just a few days ago, Rockstar Games announced that ports of the iconic Red Dead Redemption are headed to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is already 13 years old, but still has a large number of fans. There is also no shortage of people who, for various reasons, have not yet had the opportunity to play it. They will certainly want to enter the world of dangerous gunmen from the first minutes after launch. When will this happen?

The answer to this question was provided by videotechx, X/Twitter user specializing in Rockstar Games. He shared a clear infographic that reveals the release times of RDR in different time zones.

RDR for PS4 and Switch Launching Tomorrow - Release Time - picture #1

X/Twitter, @videotechx

Although the porting of RDR to new platforms seems a good decision, it should be noted that many gamers criticize the decision of Take-Two (the company to which Rockstar Gamers belongs) about the high price of - let's face it - a rather old title. Those who will want to purchase the production in the PS4 or Switch version have to reckon with the expense of $50.

If we were dealing with a remaster, such a cost would be at least partially understandable, but in the case of Red Dead Redemption we are dealing with a game that has not undergone any major or significant changes compare to the original release from 2010.

  1. Red Dead Redemption - official website

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