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News guides 15 May 2023, 17:44

Region Order in Wartales; How to Explore the Map

In this guide we will tell you how to explore in Wartales. Learn about region order. What is more we present an interactive map.

Not long ago, on April 12th, Wartales left Steam Early Access and debuted with version 1.0. The game was very warmly received by players, with over 90% positive reviews on Steam. Wartales mixes Open World RPG with Turn Based Strategy. The title features two Exploration Modes. Let’s analyse in which order the regions should be explored while choosing Region Locked Mode.

Wartales – Region Order and enemy levels

As a quick reminder – the Region Order in Wartales matters only while selecting Region Locked Exploration mode. When choosing Adaptive mode, the enemies will scale accordingly to your level thus the order doesn’t matter. Selecting the mode without scaling though will result in each region having its own, unchangeable difficulty level.

Assuming you have chosen default Starting Region, you will end up in Tiltren first. If you get lost and don’t know where to progress later on, you should explore the regions in the following order:

  1. Tiltren – levels 1-3,
  2. Arthes – levels 4-6,
  3. Vertruse – levels 4-6,
  4. Ludern – levels 6-8,
  5. Grinmeer – levels 8-10,
  6. Dronbach – levels 11-12.

Keep in mind though, that there can be quests in lower-level regions that are more challenging to complete. If you stumble upon those, it may be wise to progress to the next area and start quests there to level up and come back to the harder missions later.

It is also worth noting that on level 5 most character classes get their key skills which facilitate the game later on. It is especially useful while exploring Arthes and Vertruse region.

Wartalales – Interactive Map and Guide

We have written a guide. You can find there useful information about various mechanics. However, what is more, we have prepared a map. You can check it here.

Aleksander Kartasinski

Aleksander Kartasinski

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