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News video games 03 April 2020, 11:56

author: Adrian Werner

Resident Evil 3 Launches; Watch First 16 Minutes of the Game

Resident Evil 3, a remake of Capcom's hit survival horror, made its debut on the market. 16 minutes of gameplay footage from the beginning of the campaign appeared on the Internet.

Resident Evil 3 is another successful remake of the old installment of Capcom's classic series.

The day on which many lovers of survival horror games have been waiting for has finally come. Resident Evil 3, a Remake of the1999 classic by Capcom, made its debut on the market. The game was released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If you are interested in Resident Evil 3, we recommend watching a video published by IGN, containing the gameplay footage from first 16 minutes of the story campaign.

The game has been positively received. The PS4 version has an average rating of 80% on Metacritic. On PC it is 76%, and on Xbox One - 84%.

Resident Evil 3 receives worse scores than last year's remake of the second part, but still it seems to be a production that will satisfy the fans. The same was also true of the original versions of both games on the first PlayStation.

It is worth mentioning that RE3's online module, i.e. Resident Evil: Resistance, is very well received. It offers asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay, where a group of players take on the roles of people trying to survive, and one of the users takes control of the monster that hunts them.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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