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Game Box for Project Resistance (PC)

Project Resistance

Resident Evil spin-off. In Project Resistance we choose one of four heroes and fight against hordes of undead enemies or play the role of a genius who tries to stop a group of survivors from escaping with the help of traps and zombies.

Action | TPP | survival horror | zombie | horror | multiplayer | co-op

Project Resistance cover

developer: Capcom

publisher: Capcom

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1-5

game release date:



Project Resistance is a spin-off of the famous Resident Evil series developed by the Japanese company Capcom. This time, instead of an adventure for one player, we got an asymmetric multiplayer mode for five people. The title was created in cooperation with NeoBards Entertainment studio.


Project Resistance takes advantage of the third person perspective and follows such productions as Evolve and Friday The 13th: The Game. So we have a four-man survivor team whose job is to get out of the Umbrella Corporation's lab. Against them stands the Mastermind, trying to prevent them from escaping.

The gameplay differs significantly depending on the side chosen by us. As survivors, we choose one of four heroes with unique abilities, such as hacking or increased hand-to-hand combat efficiency. Then we find the board with the task of reaching the evacuation point and collecting specific items before the time runs out. If a character is severely injured, he will bleed and need the help of another player. Otherwise, the hero will die, and even though he will return to the game after a while, the team will be punished by significantly shortening the time limit, which will make it difficult to complete the mission. Therefore, the survivors must rely on close cooperation.

The gameplay on the other side of the barricade is different. For most of the game, as a Mastermind, we observe the laboratory through the monitoring system and use special cards to set various traps, arm cameras and summon new zombies. From time to time we take direct control of one of these creatures, including the Tyrant T-103 (also known as Mr. X). In addition, there are additional difficulties such as closing doors and extinguishing lights. All this to prevent survivors from escaping from the research facility.

Whether we are trying to get out of the laboratory or to prevent an escape, we earn Umbrella credits for our actions. We can buy further improvements for them, including the mentioned T-103.

Technical aspects

Project Resistance uses RE Engine technology, known from the refreshed Resident Evil 2. Graphics show high level, especially hero models and grotesque zombies. The whole is complemented by a atmospheric audio setting.

Project Resistance - Co-op Resident Evil Spin-off Announced
Project Resistance - Co-op Resident Evil Spin-off Announced

news 09 September 2019 22:27

Capcom has published teaser trailers for Project Resistance. The team survival horror will be presented at the Tokyo Game Show.

Project REsistance is the New Resident Evil [Updated]
Project REsistance is the New Resident Evil [Updated]

news 29 August 2019 23:11

Capcom will soon unveil the new installment of the Resident Evil series. Project REsistance will be announced on Tokyo Game Show 2019, where we will be able to play this mysterious production.

First Gameplay Fragments From Project Resistance
First Gameplay Fragments From Project Resistance

news 12 September 2019 13:25

Capcom has released a new trailer for Project Resistance - a spin-off of the Resident Evil series, this time focusing on asymmetric multiplayer mode. On the trailer we can see the first fragments of the game.

Capcom Responds to Criticism of Project Resistance
Capcom Responds to Criticism of Project Resistance

news 16 September 2019 10:24

Matt Walker, producer of Project Resistance, the recently announced cooperative installment of Resident Evil, has assured Twitter users that the game he is developing remains faithful to the spirit of the franchise. The creator ensures that the title is a true survival horror and hopes that the players will accept it.

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