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News video games 07 February 2017, 11:46

author: luckie

Ronin dev announces Immortal Planet, Dark Souls-inspired action RPG

If you liked Ronin, a turn-based platformer about a cyber-ninja assassin, you might be interested in its developer's next game, Immortal Planet. This one is going to be a Dark Souls-inspired isometric action RPG about an immortal warrior.

The creator of the well-received turn-based 2D platformer Ronin, Polish indie developer Tomasz Waclawek, has announced his next game. Immortal Planet is going to be an isometric RPG with challenging combat that rewards patience and punishes recklessness. Right now the game is struggling for a place on Steam via Greenlight program, where you can vote for it in order to support the title. Immortal Planet is planned to launch on PC in Q2 2017.

Immortal Planet will let you play as an immortal hero, armed with a big sword and firearms, who awakens in an ancient tomb filled with other undying warriors. This does not mean that the hero cannot be defeated in battle. Similarly to the Dark Souls series, each time the protagonist dies, he gets resurrected, but also loses some experience. This experience, however, can be picked up again, just like points dropped by slain heroes. An essential element of combat system is stamina bar of both the hero and his enemies. The amount of stamina left limits what sort of attacks you are able perform, but it can also be exploited in order to weaken your opponent. Besides, each level holds a challenging, multi-stage boss fight.

While Waclawek’s previous game, Ronin, was published by Devolver Digital (a company known for the Hotline Miami series and other retro, ultra-violent titles), it is uncertain whether they will also take care of distribution of Immortal Planet.

Immortal Planet

Immortal Planet

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