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News video games 14 March 2019, 13:44

author: Milosz Szubert

Rumor - Lady Gaga Connected to Cyberpunk 2077?

Another day, another Cyberpunk 2077 rumor. As reported by the French website ActuGaming, an insider source info claims that Lady Gaga has been seen in the developers' Warsaw HQ, where she allegedly took part in motion capture sessions.

Since last year's Cyberpunk 2077 presentation at E3, the atmosphere surrounding the new RPG from CD Projekt RED is getting hotter and hotter. Fans and media from all over the world are thirsty for even the slightest information about the upcoming production, which is based on a Pen&Paper system created by Mike Pondsmith and the team at R. Talsorian Games. The latest rumor was presented to the world by the French website ActuGaming. According to its sources, supposedly close to CD Projekt RED, Lady Gaga was seen at the Polish studio in Warsaw. The famous singer and actress took part in motion capture sessions.

According to ActuGaming journalists, the cooperation between Lady Gaga and CD Projekt RED is to be officially announced during E3 2019, along with the release date of Cyberpunk 2077. The creators of the Witcher series did not want to comment on these reports. So far the only certainty is that the new production from the Polish studio will be present at the June event in Los Angeles.

This rumor is interesting because in September last year, people running the official Twitter profile of Cyberpunk 2077 commented on one of Lady Gaga's posts from more than six years ago. At that point, many fans speculated about the artist's possible participation in the latest game from CD Projekt RED.

Of course, the question remains to what extent all these revelations are credible. On the one hand, it is hard to believe that a star like Lady Gaga - a singer known for her hits such as Bad Romance or Poker Face, as well as an actress who received Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for her role in the A Star is Born - visited Warsaw almost unnoticed. On the other hand, the original and noisy style, for which the celebrity is known, would match the climate of Cyberpunk and without a doubt her presence as V's ally or enemy, or even a side character giving a concert in Night City, would positively influence the recognition of the title, on which CD Projekt RED would certainly spare no expenses.

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It also seems very likely that there will be releases for the next generation of consoles. If you haven't done it so far, we encourage you to watch a movie about the production of the game, prepared for Sony.

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Milosz Szubert

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