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News guides 03 July 2023, 11:25

Satyr in Craftopia Explained - Bug and How to Defeat

Being a mix of different genres, Craftopia can struggle with bugs. One of them is related to Satyr boss fight, about which you will learn more here. We will also tackle the best strategy to easily defat this opponent.

Source: Pocketpair

After almost 3 years in Early Access program, Craftopia is still being worked on. Its developers have not abandoned the title, as not long ago a new update has been released. It sparked life into the project, gathering thousands of players who want to check out what the creators have prepared this time. The game fuses different genres like hack’n’slash, farming simulators, survival and sprinkles it with crafting aspect. Such combination can sometimes cause an unexpected outcome. Like in the case of Satyr, one of the very first bosses in the title. Let’s dive deeper to explore what is happening and learn more about its vulnerabilities to defeat it easily.

Satyr bug in Craftopia explained

If you got adventurous and explored ahead, you might have already fought the Satyr boss before taking a story mission related to it. This can cause problems when you actually take on a task which requires you to take down the boss. When you use the gate console to spawn Satyr to the fight, it cannot be there, effectively locking you out of the challenge.

Players who have faced this issue have reported that reloading the save outside the dungeon fixes the problem and allows the Satyr to appear.

How to defeat Satyr boss in Craftopia

Being an early boss in the game, Satyr is not the easiest. It can be really challenging to take on it without knowing how to do so.

The boss is vulnerable to Lightning Ball spell. It has a long, 30 seconds, cooldown but stays on the ground and constantly damages the enemy leaving it open for more attacks. At max level, Lightning Ball can dish out 20 Thunder damage with 5 Chain count.

If you want to play it safe, cast a Lightning Ball, which should stunlock Satyr for a while dealing heavy damage. When the spell is on cooldown, try running away from the opponent until the spell is available again. When it is ready to use, simply cast it once more which should stunlock it again and finish the job. Good Luck!

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