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News guides 30 June 2023, 15:27

author: Damian Gacek

Craftopia - PS5 and PS4 Release; Is the Game Coming to These Consoles?

In this guide we will talk about PS5 and PS4 launch of Craftopia. Is it possible? Find out.

Source: Pocketpair

Craftopia is an open-world sandbox game that combines crafting, farming, and action mechanics to provide fans with a diverse and captivating gameplay experience. In this title, players have the freedom to construct their own factories, tend to crops, tame animals and explore. Of course, there is also a character progression system, it is possible to unlock new abilities and skills. Craftopia offers a wealth of gameplay features to keep players engaged and entertained throughout their exploration of this dynamic world. This is the reason why many people want to try the game. However, owners of PS5 and PS4 are puzzled about this, as the game is not ported on their platforms. In this guide we will talk about it.

Craftopia – PS4 and PS5 release

Release of Craftopia on PS4 and PS5 is a complex topic. Studio Pocketpair used to cooperate closely with Xbox. What is more, the game was on Game Pass until September 2022. The contract between them was very likely the major obstacle to the launch of the game on PlayStation. It is unclear if there is any agreement between Microsoft and developers right now.

What is more, the game is in an early access phase. It is not the best moment to port titles on different platforms, especially that Craftopia is created by relatively small studio, which has to deal with an ambitious project. It is very likely to break something with an update, and it is much easier to fix it without many platforms to think about.

To sum up, developers did not announce plans regarding porting Craftopia on PS4 and PS5. But it is possible that it will be done after the full release.

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